Exposomics – Biomonitoring, Epidemiology and Litigation/Settlement Studies

SGS AXYS has been active in measuring ultra-trace levels of POPs and emerging contaminants in humans for over 25 years. In many cases,  we were the first commercial laboratory to develop methods and services specific to human matrices and demonstrate the validity of the data produced through inter-calibrations, accreditation, and peer-review by National regulatory agencies. This, combined with our expertise in environmental matrices, allows us to provide services to those wishing to perform analysis to support exposure studies, epidemiological studies or litigation/settlement processes.

Our expertise has helped many clients receive data that has provided reliable, defensible, and reproducible answers to their questions or needs. SGS AXYS’ biomonitoring methods and experience helps clients through all aspects of the program starting with program design. We are able to help reduce program and sampling costs by providing accurate/precise results using a single sample aliquot for multiple analyses. SGS AXYS brings to its clients vast experience with analysis of samples and method development for biomonitoring:

  • Methods Tailored to Biomonitoring Sample Matrices.
    SGS AXYS offers expertise in the highest quality, lowest detection methods necessary for biomonitoring applications in tissues and biofluids. These methods and supporting practices are aligned to best analytical practices for GC-MS and LC-MS/MS practices defined by National Reference laboratories. This allows direct comparison of study results to benchmarked population values. Where available, SGS AXYS methods used in bio-monitoring have proficiency established through recognized inter-calibration studies and IEC/ISO 17025 accreditation bodies.
  • Wide Array of Available Analyses.
    From trace organic POPs like Dioxins/Furans and PCBs, to emerging contaminants like PFAS, a team with decades of experience in tissue analysis and an IEC/ISO 17025 quality system is ready to support your tissue/biofluid needs. Our ability to use a common sample to measure multiple contaminants puts us at the forefront of biomonitoring projects.
  • Experienced in Litigation Support.
    We have a proven track record of supporting large and small-scale litigation cases and have often been the mutually- or court-selected laboratory for settlement programs. Each case is handled in depth to define requirements and with complete client confidentiality. The analytical processes used by SGS AXYS are well-established and client “neutral”, producing unbiased data that can be accepted by multiple parties for either settlement or litigation purposes.
  • Support for Epidemiological Studies.
    SGS AXYS has both analytical methods and services that help to provide accurate and defensible data, while potentially reducing program costs for sampling. High precision may reduce the number of samples required to support statistical analysis.
  • Ongoing Investment in Scientific Rigor for Biomonitoring.
    SGS AXYS is committed to analytical excellence in biomonitoring — We carry several key accreditations, participate in intercalibration/performance evaluation studies, publish data in peer-reviewed journals and present at technical forums.