Method Development

The go-to laboratory for new methods!

SGS AXYS has developed and validated many EPA methods over the years

SGS AXYS EPA method development history

The industry-leading SGS AXYS team of Ph.D. chemists and research scientists have decades of successful experience developing methods to solve our clients’ unique needs. The quality of our analytical approaches has been recognized by many key agencies and our methods are the backbone of multiple US EPA methods including 1668 for PCBs. We bring this unique ability to deliver validated methods to our industry, government, and academic clients. Most recently, we have introduced exciting ultra-trace GC-MS/MS capabilities to dioxin, PCB and pesticide analysis and are working on validating the isotope dilution method for PFAS analysis in all environmental matrices.

Our Capabilities & Approach

We are a full service targeted mass spectrometry method development laboratory.  We use our research expertise to review literature for related studies, and we translate that knowledge and our own experience with the compounds or related problems to develop a method that will accomplish the goal. Then, we test and optimize each component of the method to ensure its validity and overall performance. We validate and compile that method into the tools necessary to conduct that analysis in a repeatable, defensible manner with QA/QC standards. If required, we seek accreditation for the method. Our analyst team helps you leverage that method to get the data and insights you need from your research initiative. Finally, our scientists regularly collaborate with our clients to produce posters, presentations and peer-review publications on the methods themselves or the innovative projects where they are used.