SETAC North America 42nd Annual Meeting

SGS AXYS Analytical Services Ltd. (SGS AXYS) will be featuring our work on PFAS, Chlorinated Paraffins, Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products and more at the virtual edition of SETAC North America 42nd Annual Meeting, SciCon4, November 14-18, 2021. As a world leading specialist in the measurement of persistent organic pollutants and emerging contaminants, SGS AXYS contributes to the SETAC body of knowledge this year with first-author presentations and co-author contributions.

SETAC North America is the premier conference on the occurrence, fate and ecotoxicology of contaminants. Please see below for a list of our presentations and visit us at our SGS AXYS Virtual Booth to learn all about our comprehensive services.

SGS AXYS Presence: Bharat Chandramouli will co-chair the session Chemicals in Domestic Wastewater and Landfill Leachate: Occurrence, Fate, and Use as Tracers.


PFAS in Landfill Leachate: Extent and Patterns from Recent Studies.
(On-Demand Presentation – ID 04.02.10, Bharat Chandramouli)

Use and Limits of Transformative PFAS Measurement Methods Including TOP and Organic Fluorine.
(Live Session – ID 04.03.07, November 18th, 1PM PST and On-Demand Presentation, Bharat Chandramouli)

Chlorinated Paraffins

Chlorinated Paraffins (CPs): A Simplified Analytical Method for Analysis of CPs in Water, Solids, Biosolids, and Tissue.
(On-Demand Presentation – ID 04.02.13, Million Woudneh)

Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products

Influence of Conjugation on the Fate of Pharmaceuticals and Hormones in Canadian Wastewater Treatment Plants.
(On-Demand Presentation – ID 04.02.11, Sarah Gewurtz, Environment Canada, Coreen Hamilton, SGS AXYS co-author)


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