SGS AXYS’ Drs. Hamilton and Chandramouli Praised by NAVSEA for Contribution to Testing Method

Time and time again, we can find members of our SGS team in the mix in providing important innovations and updates within so many different business sectors in regions across the world. The following is another instance worthy of our SGS pride.

On August 10, 2021, the note that follows was posted online as part of a draft update entitled: “DoD AFFF01: DETERMINATION OF PERFLUOROOCTANOIC ACID AND PERFLUOROOCTANESULFONIC ACID IN AQUEOUS FILM FORMING FOAM (AFFF) FOR DEMONSTRATION OF COMPLIANCE TO MIL-PRF-24385” from the US Department of Defense (DOD): (

“This method describes the quantitative determination of PFOA and PFOS in aqueous film forming foam concentrate for DoD ELAP (Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program) accreditation by LC-MS/MS (Liquid Chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry). This method was developed under the direction of the Technical Warrant Holder for Fire Protection Systems for the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) who expresses appreciation to Dr. Coreen Hamilton and Dr. Bharat Chandramouli of SGS AXYS Analytical Services Ltd for their contributions to this method.”

In essence, this method tests firefighting foams the military uses for two specific PFAS that the DoD need to eliminate from use.

To be mentioned in this way is significant and speaks to the important work that was accomplished by our colleagues. When reached by email, Dr. Bharat Chandramouli, Environmental Laboratory Product Manager for SGS North America, commented: “SGS AXYS developed and validated this method for the Firefighting Foam Coalition (an industry consortium) with the DoD as a stakeholder in the process. The DoD used this method as the basis of a multi-lab validation study. That is complete and now the method draft is posted for comment.”

“We at SGS AXYS are very proud to have been involved in this important project for the Department of Defense and are grateful for the appreciation shown us by NAVSEA,” said Dr. Chandramouli. “It’s great to have played a part in the push by the DoD for less-harmful firefighting foams.”
‘When you need to be sure’ isn’t just our tag line, it’s how the world sees us.

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