SGS AXYS Features POPs, CEC and PFAS Expertise at SETAC NA

SGS AXYS will be featuring our work on PFAS, neonicotinoids, bisphenols, metabolomics and more at the SETAC North America 40th Annual Meeting, November 3-7 in Toronto. As a world leading specialist in the measurement of persistent organic pollutants, emerging contaminants and endogenous metabolites, SGS AXYS contributes to the SETAC body of knowledge this year with four first-author presentations/posters and five co-author contributions. This is in addition to many other presentations from clients and collaborator data users at the conference.

SETAC North America is the premier conference on the occurrence, fate and ecotoxicology of contaminants. See the list below for a schedule of presentations and posters, and visit us at SGS AXYS, Booth # 101, 200 to learn all about our comprehensive services. We will be joined by SGS colleagues from our Ontario labs which offer a wide range of conventional environmental testing.

Monday, November 4

The application of multi-matrix methods for understanding occurrence of emerging PFAS in water, soil, sediment and fish in North America.
(Platform 62, Bharat Chandramouli – SGS AXYS, Presentation Room 718B – 10:40 AM)

Distribution of Bisphenol A (BPA) and 5 BPA Analogues in the solid and liquid waste streams of a secondary wastewater treatment system.
(MP103, Million Woudneh – SGS AXYS Poster, Exhibit Hall)

Triclosan and methyl triclosan in small fish in estuary waters influenced by wastewater effluent.
(Platform 150 ,Diana Lin – SFEI, Coreen Hamilton – SGS AXYS co-author – 3:40 PM)

Tuesday, November 5

Pesticide exposures in hummingbirds and honey bees in blueberry agriculture in British Columbia, Canada.
(Platform 393, Christine A. Bishop – Environment and Climate Change Canada, Million Woudneh – SGS AXYS co-authors – 3:00 PM)

Metabolomic and transcriptomic signatures reveal PCB related effects in ringed seals (Pusa hispida) in Labrador
(Platform 334, Tanya M Brown – Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada, Bharat Chandramouli and Heather Butler – SGS AXYS co-authors. Room 714A – 4:00 PM)

Wednesday, November 6

Changes in metabolomic profiles of drilling platform mussels
(Poster WP045, Heather Butler – SGS AXYS. Exhibit Hall)

Thursday, November 7

Assessment of the transcriptome in tree swallow (Tachycineta bicolor) nestlings from the Great Lakes Maumee River Area of Concern
(Platform 701, Chi-Yen Tseng – Baylor University, Bharat Chandramouli and Heather Butler – SGS AXYS co-authors. Room 714A – 10:20 AM)

Presence and partitioning of 13 Organophosphate Flame Retardants (OPFRs) in the solid and liquid waste streams of 18 wastewater treatment plants in Canada.
(Poster Corner PC030, Million Woudneh – SGS AXYS author. Exhibit Hall – 2:15 PM)

Metabolomics analysis of the Japanese quail liver after exposure to eight environmental contaminants of concern
(Poster RP300, Eléna Legrand – McGill University, Bharat Chandramouli and Heather Butler – SGS AXYS co-authors. Exhibit Hall)